About Us

Kids Photography Workshops is the creative development of Stephanie Bateman and Stephen Conder.

A genuine love of photography is not only a great hobby for kids but also a great way to engage kids at learning about the world they live in.  

From photographing their favourite toys to their travel adventures and school holiday escapades it is an excellent way to turn family outings into an adventure.

Tutors encourage the children to learn through experimentation, understanding the core concepts of photography and by engaging in games and scavenger hunts with their cameras.

Kids Photography Workshops believe in beautiful story-telling with images rather than "selfie" style photography but do encourage sharing images via social media and photo sharing websites to gain feedback and track your photography journey.

All children receive a certificate of achievement at the conclusion of completed courses.
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If you are a school that would love our tutors to come and teach a gifted an talented class or after school class please contact us. 

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