School Holiday Photography Programme

School Holiday Courses

Join our students as we explore several core areas of photography using Canon SX720 HS compact cameras.  

We will explore composition basics, styling images, macro / close up photography as well as texture and detail, we will look at photographing nature and floral closeups and we will learn all about styling an image and advertorial photography.

Our course runs from 9.00am to 3.00pm with an early drop off possible for working parents.

Our term students are creating a beautiful portfolio of work as can be seen on our website and students at our one day course can expect to have an excellent range of images to share with friends and family by the end of the day.

Enquire via our contact us section.

Photography Philosophy

Our philosophy is on fun and exploration.  We believe that if children can understand the message a photograph sends they will be safer online and create a portfolio of creative art rather than "selfies". 

We welcome children aged 7-13 to our School Holiday Classes, other ages are also welcome if parents believe they can benefit from instruction.

Our Talented Students...

Achieving a beautiful portfolio of images to share with friends and family is our focus for students attending all of our courses.

Our school holiday programme students created some fantastic images with the Canon SX720 HS cameras and we couldn't be more proud of their work - please enjoy the pictures they have shared above.

Congratulations  Jesse, Sam, Matthew, Danielle, Claudia, Natalia, Emilia, Zoe and Emey, Ryley, Caroline, Sophie and Charlotte for producing excellent images at School Holiday Workshops in 2017!