Photography Classes

Structured Curriculum


Kids Photography Workshops classes follow a structured programme incorporating elements of composition and camera functionality.  

Our classes aim to develop both technical and creative skills and our language, feedback and explanations are  all aimed at the right level for junior photographers!!

Fun and Exploration


We learn in the classroom but explore the world around us - a large portion of some modules are spent outside when weather allows. 

Kids love exploring their local environment and completing photographic scavenger hunts around their schools!

Weekly Modules


Our weekly modules cover a huge range of various photographic styles - we teach everything from photographing nature responsibly to food photography and styling an advertorial or magazine image.

We encourage development of their imagination and help students shine and evolve.

Privacy and Portraits


We are vigilant about respecting privacy and do not include any portrait style photography for this reason.  

Our students are not permitted to photograph other students or take selfies.

Art for Everyone


Our modules are designed to enable children to create a beautiful portfolio of art they and their families can be proud of - we aim for "wall worthy" images at every class.  

We work with children to ensure they stretch themselves creatively and develop new technical skills every week.

Feedback and Images


Our tutors regularly feedback information to parents about the class and the student's work including their top images of the week.

We encourage children to bring along anything special they would like to photograph for their portfolio.

Enquire about a course

Go to our "contact us" page and register for a course at your local school.

Photography Philosophy

A message behind every image....

We are passionate about students learning not only a joy of photography but also understanding the message behind every image.

We believe that by creating an understanding of the story telling art of photography, when our students engage in social media they are more likely to pause before posting and understand what their image is saying.

All images on our website by our students aged 6-13years old!